Poznan Projekt Architectural Studio is a design studio founded by Architect Ewa Pawlicka-Garus.

Poznan Projekt creates interdisciplinary projects of multi-family residential developments, public utilities facilities, industrial and religious buildings an many more including interior design. We provide comprehensive project management and engineering design services.  

Poznan Projekt Architectural Studio was foun ded in 1991. Since then many gifted architects creatively contributed to projects and realizations presented in our portfolio.

Current design team:
  • mgr inż. arch. Ewa Pawlicka - Garus
  • mgr inż. arch. Lidia Jeżak
  • mgr inż. arch. Anna Zielińska
  • mgr inż. arch. Ewelina Źróbecka
  • mgr inż. arch. Paweł Garus / mode:lina architekci /
  • mgr inż. arch. Jerzy Woźniak   / mode:lina architekci / 

Poznan Projekt cooperates with design teams experienced in fields of:
  • construction
  • sanitary installations
  • electric systems
  • traffic design
  • greenery